About Us

Imagine having a total body home gym in the palm of your hands. Dumbbell2 is the world's first two handled dumbbell. The patented two handled center weight design of dumbbell2 allows one to perform an unprecedented variety of workouts. This one piece of equipment can replace many bulky exercise machines and other fitness tools and still offer challenging and effective exercise routines. It offers a balanced, controlled and functional workout with an emphasis on core strengthening achieved in just minutes a day!  Not only will this fitness tool change the way you exercise, it will change the way you look and feel now and years to come. Dumbbell2 will strengthen your life!

Two hands are better than one.
It's a functional fitness tool.
Great for everyone, kids and elderly included. 
It replaces most gym machines and fitness tools.
No mat needed.
No bench needed. 
It's compact to allow for easy storage
Perform combination routines without taking breaks. 
Create your own workout.
Perform full body workouts
Workout both sides of the body equally.
Engage your core like never before. 
Never have to perform a crunch again.
Lift more weight safely.
Build muscle quickly. 
More benefits and exercises yet to be disc